Paddle Boarding North Devon




What is Paddle boarding?

So, what is paddle boarding? It’s sometimes referred to as SUP which stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding and it uses a large surf-like board with plenty of width and volume to aid stability. In a standing position, you use a long, single ended paddle to propel your board forwards.

It can be as exhilarating or as relaxing as you like, but one thing is certain: you will have a great time Paddle Boarding along the beautiful North Devon coastline with one of our safe and experienced instructors.

The great thing about paddle boarding is how easy it is to pick up. You don’t need to be super-fit or athletic to have a great time and pretty much anyone can do it. Your North Devon Adventure will be complete exploring it on the water!

Aside from getting to experience the great outdoors like you’ve never seen it before, there are also many health benefits to paddle boarding, which improves your balance and cardiovascular abilities while reducing stress and taking in some vitamin D. 


What do I need to bring?

You’ll be provided with all the kit, so all you need to bring is swimwear and a towel. 


How do your sessions work?

Sessions vary depending on the time of day and the conditions. We sometimes operate from the beach but our most popular sessions take place on the Torridge River where we use the incoming or outgoing tide to take us up or down the river. These scenic routes will take you past woodland, rocky coves, boats, villages and even shipwrecks for a proper North Devon Adventure you’ll never forget.

Paddleboarding Prices

  • session (1 person) = £80
  • session (2+ people) = £65 (per person)
  • Please enquire for group booking discount for six or more
  • 12 Years +


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